Chuck A Luck Casino Rules Part 1

Chuck A Luck Casino Rules Part 1

Chuck-A-Luck is a lively game where three dice tumble in a spinning cage and you place wagers on how many dice will come up with your chosen number when the cage stops spinning. It probably originated in British Pubs many years ago and started without cages. Instead, gamblers used a horn-shaped chute made of leather or metal to “chuck” the 3 dice across a table and then take their “luck” on how they landed.

An interesting footnote to this is that metal chutes were easier to fashion than leather ones – with tin being cheaper than brass – and enterprising patrons who set up games with little money and a metal chute were called “tin-horned gamblers”.

Today, Chuck-A-Luck is a popular game at carnivals, fund raisers and many first-class casinos around the world. It’s fun and easy to learn, so beginners take to it quickly, yet the simple premise offers the excitement and high payout that keeps seasoned players coming back for more.

Game Play

The dice are standard six-sided cubes, with sides numbered 1 through 6 (represented as a corresponding number of dots). There are three dice and they are tumbled together in an hour-glass shaped cage that spins around it’s horizontal axis. Players place bets by moving chips into various boxes on the table.

The cage cannot start spinning until at least one bet has been placed on the board. Players can click the Spin button to start it as soon as they’ve finished placing bets.

At that point all bets must stand. Several seconds later the cage stops spinning and the dice come to rest at the bottom of the cage. The resulting numbers are taken off the top face of each dice to determine the winning bets.

Our Chuck-A-Luck table offers six different ways to make bets:

  • Numbers Bet
  • Field Bet
  • High Bet (Over 10)
  • Low Bet (Under 11)
  • Odd Bet
  • Even Bet

Numbers Bet

If you place a wager on any of the six numbered boxes in the “Numbers Bet” area (1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6) you will win according to how many of the 3 dice come up with that number on their top surface when they come to rest.

Matching Dice Payoff
1 (a Single) 1:1
2 (a Double) 2:1
3 (a Triple) 10:1

Thus, if all three dice come up with the number 4, any wager on the Number 4 bet would pay 10 to 1. You can bet on as many individual Numbers as you like.

All of the remaining five bet types are based on the sum of the Numbers showing on the 3 dice. Thus, a result with a 5, a 2 and a 4 would yield a point total of 11. Point totals can range from 3 (triple 1’s) to 18 (triple 6’s).

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