Keno Rules and Tips

Keno Rules and Tips

The first cousin to a standard lottery, Keno is an ancient and exciting game of chance where players wager on or against specific numbers being randomly selected.

Keno Rules and Tips

Gaming Items
20 numbered balls. Ball Hopper – Used to mix and randomly select numbers. Gaming ticket – Each ticket bears 80 printed numbers.

Players and Personnel
Any number of players can bet on Keno.

Object of the Game
Winning at Keno is achieved by selecting up to 15 numbers that you are betting for or against being randomly selected from the hopper. You win more according to the total amount of numbers that you bet on or against correctly.

Basic Rules
Players select or “Mark” up to 15 numbers on their gaming card that they will bet for or against being drawn from the hopper. All numbers must be selected and bets must be placed before the numbers are drawn. Twenty numbered balls are spun in the hopper. Each ball rolls out randomly until all twenty have left the hopper. A “Catch” number is a number that rolls out of the hopper. The round of play is then over. Before the next round, players may choose new numbers or have the option to continue using their original numbers.

Betting On Keno

# Straight Bet – A player can place this bet after marking at least one number on his or her ticket. Winnings are based on how many balls roll out that the player chose.

# High Roller – Similar to the straight bet, you can place this bet with only one number marked on the ticket. The payoff for winning is different in that you have to choose more numbers correctly to get paid but the payoff is greater.

# Bet Against – This bet can only be made after selecting at least 8 numbers on a ticket. You are betting that none of the numbers selected will be selecting from the hopper.

# Catch All – This bet can be placed by choosing at least 2 and not more than 7 numbers or “Spots” on a ticket. This bet can only be won if ALL the number chosen on a ticket show up.

How To Play Keno

If you’ve ever played a state lottery you know how to play keno. In fact, the numbers game known as “Lottery” is based on keno, although there are some differences between the modern versions of these two games.

In lottery, you choose a fixed set of numbers to play-five numbers plus a bonus number, for example-and that fixed set must be the same as the set of numbers pulled in the drawing. To win the Jackpot, you have to match every number in the drawing.

In keno, you can choose how many numbers you want to play in a given game, usually between one and fifteen numbers. Each keno race pulls twenty numbers, and you only have to match fifteen of the twenty numbers drawn to win the jackpot.

As with the lottery, the thrill of keno lies in the possibility of winning a huge, life-changing sum of money in exchange for a nominal wager.

Odds for Keno

Keno has the highest house edge and therefore the worst odds for the gambler of virtually any game at the casino. At a minimum, the house will keep 22 percent of every keno dollar wagered. Sometimes the house edge is as much as 50 percent, making it a very poor wager for the player. Various mathematicians have calculated the odds of matching the numbers you play against the numbers drawn in a given keno race, and the odds grow exponentially with the amount of numbers you select.
For example, if you play one number, the odds of that number being among the twenty drawn are about 3 to 1. If you play two numbers, the odds of matching one number are a little more than 1.5 to 1, but the odds of matching both numbers are nearly 16 to 1. Play five numbers, and the odds of matching all five leap to 1,550 to 1; play ten numbers, and the matching 15 numbers-the amount required at most casinos to win really big money-are less than 400 million to 1. These almost insurmountable odds are why experts advise keno players to look on the game as nothing more than amusement, a low-cost way to see some action or a restful break from the blackjack, craps, or poker tables. That way, if you aren’t lucky enough to hit it big, at least have enjoyed yourself.

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